Roasted Unsalted Inshell Pistachios Details

Roasted Unsalted Inshell Pistachios are known for their attractive color and amazing taste. Pistachios are versatile enough to be used in cooking recipes or simply as a mid-afternoon snack. These are roasted to peak flavor profiles.Health Tips:Adding pistachios as a part of a heart healthy diet can aid your fight against cardiovascular disease and make significant improvements to your overall health. Pistachios contain over ten different types of antioxidants which have been shown to reduce illness and help fight..  Beside that They don’t taste much different than the non-organic ones. … Our unsalted roastedorganic pistachios are a lot of fun to crack open! They arrive in the shells to maintain their freshness and all natural nutty flavor. Organic pistachios provide high levels of protein, fiber and minerals during snack time.


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