Antep Turkish Pistachios Details

Roasted and salted Antep Turkish Pistachios, these top of the line pistachios are imported from the best purveyors of pistachios in the Turkish region. The weather and region make ideal conditions to harvest pistachios at their ripest. Our Turkish pistachios have a taste unlike any other. Adding pistachios as a part of a heart healthy diet can aid your fight against cardiovascular disease and make significant improvements to your overall health. Most importantly its Comes from the Antep pistachios and plain butter. …. 1.3 Definition of the geographical area. Gaziantep province is one of Turkey’s 81 provinces. More so, Antep Turkish pistachios may be the smallest pistachio, but they have the largest pistachio flavor. We have them in bulk with same day shipping. Furthermore, Antep pistachios look similar to Sicily’s Bronte pistachios, but Tan thinks the Turkish nuts are “way better” than the Sicilian.

Whats Great About Antep Turkish Pistachios?

Firstly they are loaded with vitamin B6 which help boost your energy levels, improve skin and eye health, and contribute to a healthy metabolism.  Secondly the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition lists pistachios as a cholesterol-lowering food. Thirdly Pistachios actually help you loose weight. By snacking on a handful in between meals it will push off the crave and supply you with energy.  These nuts are filled with a significant amount of the carotenoids known as lutein and zeaxanthin that promote healthy eyes.


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